Loot & a coupon

Michael's craft store was having a 4 hour "madness" sale with a 25% off your total bill (if you brought in the coupon) including items that were on sale. I got two 2-packs of 16x20 canvas, some liquid copper, 3 synth. brushes suitable for acrylic, black acrylic, and an extender for my paint. I'm looking forward to some paintin'.

I forgot a few things.. tape for making curves. It's like pin-striping tape and I thought of ways I can use it on the canvas, so I got two; also a seam ripper that has a mini sewing kit stashed in the handle.

Here is the old Mars Black R.I.P. When I opened the lid powder poured out of the tube- she's a goner fer sure.

Here is my first hand made toy for you know who, whose name will probably be "Violet" unless we find another name that better suits her personality birdonality.

I found a few web pages that sold bird safe vegetable tanned leather, beads, and other knick-knacks to chew on and bought some stuff. Pet toys are expensive, and I'd rather spend the 40 bucks and make several of my own toys than spend the same amt. on maybe 3 big toys. Besides Violet isn't going to be that big of a bird and going the DIY route gives me lots of flexibility in toy making, especially once I see what she likes.

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