Flatlander gets off of floor. Evolution at the basic level is achieved!

Hi there! I'm working at a table now like most people normally do. I can't say that sitting on the floor was too bad, but it did make for some stiff legs after awhile. Anyway, here is the latest painting carnage:

First, something different. What is this mysterious, opaque something or other?... come back again later and find out what becomes of this piece
and this piece. I guarantee you will be surprised!
One of my new brushes- it's nice! Perfect for this acrylic medium.
New additions to the midnight episode 2 piece..

Close up on some details

Stopping here for tonight.


carrie said...

i'm way into the metallics.

Mallow said...

Yeah the metallics are really nice. I haven't used them much prior to this project, but I think I will from now on. Thanks for visiting!