Lime bars- a culinary thrill in the making

Here is the crust for the lime bars. Butter and sugar-- gulp! Very good.. and I have to remind myself NOT to pig out when the bars are done. For those at home taking notes I am using an 8x8x2 pan.
Here is the lime, egg, more sugar, and a little flour mixture that is poured into the crust. The brown speckles come from coconut that I swiped from a coconut tapioca pudding mix. [Thievery in the kitchen is good.]
Uh oh.. not enough crust-o. Check out my diagram of crustological stratum. B.t.w I hope you all appreciate the extra time spent photo-chopping pictures on this blog.
The pudding which is now minus a few pinches of toasted coconut.
Hey now, nice tan!! This looks nothing like my fellow blogger's version of lime bars. Check it out, and don't tell me it's due to the fact I don't have a green parrot in the photo.
The tan is due to the fact I blog and surf the web while cooking. This, boys and girls is a no-no. Just look at the evidence:
Since I have no Severe macaw to sample my dessert and tell you how delightful it is I will have to take on the responsibility myself. First impressions.. Ow it's HOT! Kidding. It is very cake like at the edges and quite moist towards the middle. Very limey, and not too sweet ( I couldn't stand the thought of adding 1 1/2 cups of sugar so I made the filling with only 1 cup.) As if 1 cup of sugar isn't enough already. I'm sorry I didn't have the lime zest to throw in there, but limes were too expensive when I went shopping for them.
I have to say that Nellie and Joe's key lime juice is pretty good to use in this recipe- and for key lime pie for that matter. It is unsweetened and contains some lime floaties too (don't ask me what they are as the fluid isn't clear)--- okay this sounding like a toxic waste liquid. Back to the lime bars... The final vote: very yummy, but don't eat too many -remember there is a whole stick of butter in that crust!


Mary said...

Yours looks much better than mine.

I try so hard with my kitchen adventures, but they don't work out so well :(

Oh well, the parrots aren't so picky!

Mallow said...

That's funny, I think yours looks better. I liked how mine tasted but would have preferred a more lime-bar look. So you and I are back to the drawing board, eh?

Mary said...

I'll let you know if I find something I've fallen in love with. However, my husband has asked me to focus my efforts on chocolate and coconut dishes, so it may be awhile until I can start my experimenting!