Once upon a time it wasn't so nice

This is a story about a horse who used to not be interested in his owner. He would see her come to the pasture gate, stop grazing for a second to look in her direction, then resume grazing or walk away in the opposite direction. It always broke her heart when the woman saw her horse walk off like that. To add to her sadness she felt as though her horsemanship was being judged by others at her stable because they knew she was interested in this so called natural horsemanship.

This is also a story about that horse's owner.

This young lady had enthusiastically told an old woman, the stable's proprietor, that she was planning on taking her horse to the Parelli International Savvy Center in Florida later that fall. "Well be sure to get them to help you learn how to catch him," said the old woman. It was a snide reply that the other lady hadn't expected to hear, especially after announcing such happy news that she and her horse were actually going to Florida.

The young lady and her horse had a fantastic trip to Florida where they stayed for two weeks. When they returned home they were greeted by the withering look of the sour old woman who didn't ask many questions about their trip, nor the school, but wanted to know if the lady had learned how to catch her horse.

Coming home to the dark, negative atmosphere of her stables after enjoying two weeks of natural horsemanship with positive, like minded people- who had FUN with their horses- was more than the young woman could stand. She knew she had to leave that farm as soon as possible. All the weeks and months, and years of unpleasantness at the stables had finally gotten to the young lady, and now going to the stables had become a great source of anxiety. The lady's horse was tuning into her anxiety and now more than ever kept a distance between the two of them. The day she mailed her notice of intent to leave the stables she immediately felt a huge weight lift off her body.

Fast forward one year..
The lady found a wonderful boarding facility where she is welcome to do what she wants with her horse. She has the option to take her horse's health care into her own hands. No one dictates that her horse needs to have a certain deworming or vaccination schedule. Best of all she is free to sit in the pasture with her horse, getting to know him all over again, and the horse has gotten the chance to get to know her as well.

Pat Parelli has a saying when playing and working with horses; "take the time it takes, so it takes less time."

The lady sat in the pasture with her horse. She sat with him during the day and in complete darkness, she went out in the snow, the rain.. it didn't matter what the weather was like, she took her time in getting to know him again. Her confidence in being a good leader for her horse came back. Now her horse comes to her.


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And I'm sure A. is much happier for it.

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