It is exciting to see the readership of my blog increasing. It would be even better to hear back from all of you who read my blog. I know how it is.. sometimes you just don't have anything to say. It happens to me too, I read my favorite blogs and enjoy the pictures and stories, but then I leave without writing anything.
I'm trying to be better about leaving comments in other's blogs-- and to my regulars who comment here, I thank you very much! The more blogs I read the more I learn about blogging and about myself. It is interesting you know.. we are all very much alike, and I'm not referring to bloggers.. I mean as people. When I read about people who like to make things, draw or paint, talk about their animals, and take photographs, I think "yeah, me too." We are all connected in so many different ways it's amazing. I've noticed the same kind of connectedness in places like the grocery store also. The more observations one makes the more connections one sees and that is pretty cool.

So next time you come here to read or check out the photographs let me know what you think. You can be as brief as "thumbs up", "thumbs down" or "thumbs neutral"


Rosie said...

It's nice to have a good de-lurking, now and again.

Let's all say, "Hey, Mallow!"

I probably post when I have nothing to say more often than not.

heather said...

I am thinking it is a chocolate peanut butter cookie on top of a bottle next to a cantelope. :-) I love the textures!

Mallow said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for your visit!
This is a bottle of wine on my counter that tweaked in Photoshop... but I prefer your interpretation. :-)