I love this horse!

Desperado!! My sweet horse buddy who doesn't belong to me, but lives in Aristoitle's pasture. Desperado has been featured in past blog posts here, and here, as well as a cameo appearance here.

He comes over and tries to see if he can move me around. When this fails and I gently porcupine him away he tries to initiate grooming and play by rubbing his muzzle on my hair or my shoulders, or by trying to mouth my savvy string if he sees it sticking out of my pocket. He is always in my space which I correct, but today since I was sitting on the tree stump I let him come closer. When he stands this close to me I can feel his warmth radiating from him... tonight that was a nice thing since it got cool after sunset.

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poopee shmoopee said...

awwwww cute