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Vegetarians hide your eyes.. or better yet, scroll downward and read something else on my blog because I have a salami story to tell. I found a new salami at Whole Foods market this evening. Fra'Mani is the brand, and oh, is it tasty! It comes from the exotic hinterlands of Berkeley, California. They have a website and an online store so that salami lovers worldwide can satisfy their salami cravings. Feast your eyes HERE

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The taste? Let me first start with the smell.. I slowly unwrapped the paper wrapper, enjoying the moment like opening a present. It smelled mild and buttery, yes buttery! Not a heavy, meaty smell at all. Very pleasant. It has a white mold exterior and has a short string on both ends where the casings are wrapped, just as the photo above illustrates. Here is a blurb from their site:

Fra’ Mani dry salami are made from the finest-quality fresh pork and natural hog
casings. Hand tied with natural twine, mold ripened, and slowly aged. Seasoned
simply with sea salt, spices, garlic and wine. No added nitrites.

Somehow I was able to put down the knife and get my camera for this shot. Ah yes.. you are patiently waiting for a description of the flavor. Hmm..I'm thinking.. (I went to get a slice to eat while I type this) A medium meaty flavor, mixed with an aged moldiness. Don't let the word mold put you off! It is salty, but not overly so. Not super spicy with garlic or other flavors,and not gamy either. Chewy, nicely marbled texture, but not greasy or heavy feeling on the palate. Really if you like salami and want to give yourself a once in awhile treat, then buy one! Mine was $11.00 but then this isn't something I buy on a weekly basis either. Like I said, a once in awhile treat. Enjoy!

Now for a brilliant change of subject. Here is a 2007 BMW F800S in Sunset yellow

Delicious... er, I mean beautiful!

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