To me, from me with love

This morning Fed Ex delivered my goodies from the Make and Craft websites. My package is a combination geek fest, and craft nerd. I can't help it... I love seeing what people make and getting the instructions on how to make those things if I want- and that is exactly what these two magazines/websites are all about.

I often have ideas for projects I want to make. Lately the projects are out of the realm of my expertise but I continue to explore anyway. Right now I'm looking at programming microprocessors for the purpose of illuminating LEDs. I am interested in LEDs for an art project, but also for other applications.

From left to right in the photo are: 1) 2 sheets of stickers that came with #2. 2)Maker's Notebook with graph paper and several pages containing references such as weights and measures, conversions, sewing machine needle sizes, common bonds, suppliers and surplus website addresses, a basic guide to electronics and Ohms law, etc.
3)Cabaret Mechanical movement- a book on understanding movement and making automata. 4,5) Craft magazine Volumes 5 & 6.

6)Pocket Reference book by Thomas J. Glover (I'm going to be a know it all!). 7)Leatherman tool "Squirt E4" for electronics MacGyvering :P. 8)Red rubber band with "Make: Technology on your time" written on it. It was on my maker's notebook. 9)BlinkM a smart, programmable LED that I need to learn to program.

I had to have this.

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