Body gets head, strange visitors appear

Once upon a long, long time ago there lived a head without a body. How the head was able to survive so long without a body is not known, but this head managed to survive many years in this condition. If you think a body-less head sounds like a bad start to a story... it gets worse. The head had eyes without pupils. I know! I couldn't believe it until I saw it for myself, with my own two eyes..

How did I get the blue head, you wonder... Well that is an interesting story too: The head was found at a roadside fruit stand by a nomadic group of hippy-gypsies heading east from Bisbee. They put it on the dashboard of their 1979 VW bus and didn't think much more about it until they stopped at the local laundromat to wash all their tie-dye. I was walking by the laundromat when one of the tie-dye clad gypsy hippies stepped out of the Burgerz & Things, and preoccupied by sorting the change from the lint, beads, and hemp seeds in his pocket walked right into me, knocking me into the bushes.

I was stunned! I hadn't taken a hit like that since my ice hockey days, and he was really stunned because just at the moment of our impact he had found a 1938 Indian Head nickle which fell and rolled into a storm drain, landing just out of reach of his long grimy fingers. He scarcely noticed me as I pried myself out of the bush and brushed myself off. Momentarily giving up on the nickle, he got up off his knees and asked if I was okay and if there was anything he could do to make this up to me. I told him I was fine, but he insisted on giving me something to, as he put it "put a smile on my day."
He handed me the deep blue, body-less head and told me where he and his friends had found him.

It took me awhile to figure out what to do with this blank eyed, head with an unknown past, but one day I decided I could no longer look at him in his incomplete state.
I found a beautiful royal purple shade of Mohair and sheep's wool yarn and crocheted a body for it. It also got the long overdue pupils it needed to see the world... instantly it was a happier looking head!


Not long after the head got its body all sorts of magical and strange things started happening around the house. For instance, one day the doorbell rang but when I answered it no one was there except for this orange cloud hovering in mid air right at my eye level. I stepped aside and it floated in as though it knew where to go. It found a comfortable place on the couch and settled in to wait. I still don't know what it was waiting for, but it had such a whimsical smile and alluring eyes, I knew there could be nothing wrong with having an orange cloud on my couch.

Up until the day the cloud came into the house there wasn't much movement from the head, which I had named Moo'bar, but a few hours after the cloud came in Moo'bar floated downstairs to see who had come in.

They didn't talk too much, but when I offered to take their picture one could tell that these were two old friends who had finally been reunited after a long time apart.